Dear Change


Dear Change,

I have a confession to make:
I’ve been avoiding you.

I know you called the other day (again),
And sure enough, I didn’t answer.
But I guess the real truth is,
I didn’t want to answer.
Avoidance is so childish, so petty.
I know this already.
But here’s the truth:
I’m scared.

You freak me out.
You always call and tell me you’re coming over
When I’m not ready to host you.
And that makes me feel
Incredibly anxious.

And actually, I often find your spontaneity
It pisses me off.
YOU piss me off.

Then later I always feel terrible
For my attitude,
Because you always have
The best of intentions.
And the gifts you often bring are wonderful!
Strength, perseverance, courage, growth…

I know you’re not trying to harm me,
Nor are you trying to be rude
Or intrusive.
You’re actually trying to help me.
But I have a hard time
Understanding that.
What can I say?
I’m stubborn and thickheaded.
But you already know this.

I guess I just need to get my shit together.
I’m sorry for not already doing so.
Next time you call, I’ll try to be courageous;
I’ll try to answer.

Don’t give up on me, okay?
And don’t stop calling.
I do enjoy your company.
Not all the time.
But let’s both do our part
To work something out.



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  1. That’s very nice. Change is a hard thing for everyone, we’re creatures of habit so it is scary when things are becoming altered against what we are used to.

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