Nostalgia: a few of my favorite things


We all have things from our past that still make our hearts smile. Here is my list:

1. Saltwater sandals

Remember these? I had a pair of red ones, and I can still remember frolicking along the shoreline of Matthew’s Beach in them.

2. Canopy beds

I’m pretty sure that most of my friends were jealous of me and my lovely canopy bed.

3. Saved by the Bell

When I first entered high school, I remember thinking, “What?! This isn’t at all like SBtB!” Okay, fine, so I never thought that. But still! This was quality entertainment, folks. =)

4. Fake leather “pleather” pants

Umm…no comment. The picture explains it all.

5. The Little Mermaid

What’s not to love about a half girl/half fish princess who sings well and gets the hunky stud of her dreams? However, in retrospect, there’s plenty to NOT love about this particular Disney flick. Thank you, Lit. Theory, for pointing out the REAL story of The Little Mermaid. Ha!

In other news, does anyone else think that Prince Eric and Tom Welling share a resemblance? Take a look:

Okay, moving on…

6. PAX 217

These boys were my obsession during high school! If they were around today, they’d still be my favorite. And let me just be honest: I’m still mourning over the fact that they broke up. :-/

7. The Boxcar Children book series by G.C. Warner

Mrs.Walla, my second grade teacher, used to read this to her class on a daily basis, during “free time.”  And I remember getting so wrapped up in the boxcar children’s adventures. I also remember feeling terribly jealous of my friend Steven, who always seemed to win the class coloring contests. Darn you, Steven!

8. The Seattle Supersonics

R.I.P., my beloved basketball team. *sniff*

9. Super Nintendo

I don’t care what the hardcore gamers say; Super Nintendo is still the best gaming system ever invented!

10. Smallville

What’s that you say? This show is still on? Nope. Not as far as I’m concerned. You see, once upon a time, there was Smallville…back when The WB still existed. Now there’s simply the cheap, low-budget soap opera crap that The CW thinks is Smallville. (It’s really just ‘The Hois and Clark Show.’)


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