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I Found God in a Coffee Shop


Many people know that I frequently visit a number of different coffee shops in my area. With the crazy life I lead, sometimes, that’s the only place I can go to find peace and a moment of stillness. I’ll go there to read, write, catch up with friends, or spend time with Jesus.

Yesterday, I sat at my favorite little shop in Bothell, WA for about three hours. I had no particular agenda, so I spent a good chunk of my time just people watching. The result ended up being this poem:

I Found God in a Coffee Shop

I found God in a coffee shop.
His voice I heard
Above the music, above the chatter,
Above the clanking dishes and the harsh
Grumbling of the coffee grinder,
And above the steady gargling of the espresso machine.

I saw Him in the vibrant colors of the artwork
That hangs on the walls;
For it was God, the ultimate Artist,
Who enabled the earthly artist to capture those colors.

I saw Him in the faces of the people
As they read, as they chatted,
As they took a moment to be still.
And as I watched them, I had to wonder:
How many of them are looking for God?
And how many have found Him?
God is here, for God is everywhere.
And here in this coffee shop, I have found Him.