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Wonderful December


Ah, December…it’s finally here!

Although my life seems to include a lot of “junk” this winter season (which I shall not elaborate upon right now), I still love December. I think it might even be my favorite month. So many good things happen in December: there’s Christmas and all its fantastic festivities, snow (well, sometimes), the end of the semester (which is a blessing and a curse, but more so a blessing), red cups at Starbucks, and the end of the year (which means that, despite how rough of a year you’ve had, you get to start over again in January).

And I’ve decided that I really, really like frost. Not so much the cold, but definitely the sight of morning frost, especially if it’s a sunny day; sun and frost make a rather magical combination, wouldn’t you say? I love the way it looks when it covers the ground, the surfaces of cars, and the way it strategically wraps itself around every bare tree branch. It’s breathtaking! God is such an awesome artist.

Anyway, as some of you know, the last few months/days have not been easy for my family and me. A number of large problems that are completely out of my control and most likely won’t go away any time soon seem to haunt me on a daily basis. So it’s quite easy to wake up each morning and focus on those issues, and to essentially miss the opportunities that come across my path each day—opportunities to be grateful; to indulge in the beauty of God’s creation and the loveliness that generally accompanies this time of year.

But tonight I did it. Despite the crazy circumstances that still loom overhead, I took the time to do something I love doing: I decorated the house for Christmas.

We’re not even going to be in town this holiday, but I still felt compelled to put up the tree (we went with the fake one this time…not my favorite, but hey…a fake tree is better than no tree, right?), the lights, and the little light-up village that goes on top of the piano. And before the weekend’s over, I plan to put up the rest of the décor.

I can’t tell you how refreshing it felt to be so extremely productive today. I think it gave me the energy and motivation that I’ve been needing to buckle down and really accomplish all of the stuff that I need to finish before this semester ends. Before today, my brain and emotions were basically just mush. I was going to my classes, trying my best to do my assignments/reading, but nothing was actually sinking in. But today, doing something that was out of my normal “routine” really gave me an energy/motivation boost.

So, hooray for December! And hooray for best friends who come over and help you clean/decorate. (Adrienne came over and helped Nathan, Daniel, and me clean up the house…and I mean, REALLY clean; and then we put up the decorations. We had a grand ol’ time!) We really only managed to scratch the surface. I have many more plans for this lovely little abode (and yes, now that it’s clean and organized, I CAN call it “lovely,” haha). Before December 25, this place will be dazzling with even more “Christmasness.”