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More DS Goodies


More Delta Spirit goodies:

1. Matt and the gang performing “Vivian.” I love this song; it really shows Matt’s softer, more poetic side:

2. A more mellow rendition of “Children” (featuring Matt on the banjo!):

Patience is a Virtue


…a virtue that I possess not, lol. I suppose I’m sometimes patient, but when it comes to things like waiting for my favorite band to release their new album (the one they’ve been talking about for months) … not so much.

This is for all you Delta Spirit fans who, like me, are probably growing a bit restless as you wait for the boys to release their much-anticipated album, History From Below. May seems so far away! But in the meantime, let’s keep rockin’ out to Delta’s old tunes.

Here’s a song that I’ve always loved, but for whatever reason, it didn’t make the cut for Ode to Sunshine (or maybe it hadn’t been written when they released that album). At any rate, I really hope it made the cut for the new record.

Bushwick Blues: