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That’s so epic! People say that all the time, and it never ceases to annoy me. Everything nowadays is epic:

“That joke was epic.”

“The pizza was epic.”

“Did you see her outfit? Totally epic.”

Or my personal favorite: “Epic fail!” Gah. C’mon, people. What does that even mean?!

Poor word. It once held so much power, but due to people’s obsessive use of the term, “epic” has lost its luster. But every once in a while, something—a photograph, a larger than life book or movie, a painting, a sunrise…you get the idea—comes along and you find that the only sufficient way to describe this thing is to use a word like epic. And, naturally, when used in the correct context, the word receives a new sense of identity. It suddenly–OMG–makes sense again! (Who would’ve thought?)

I feel this way whenever I listen to E.S. Posthumus’s brilliant masterpiece, “Nara.” (You might recognize it as the theme song for CBS’s Cold Case.) Seriously, here is a song that absolutely deserves the label “epic.” Because it truly is. Excellent form and instrumentation, beautiful melodies and chord progressions, and rich percussion work that is somewhat complex at times, but never overbearing. It’s a song that simultaneously captures and releases one’s imagination.

I’ve always been a firm believer that music, when created carefully and thoughtfully, has the ability to bring its listeners to a point of complete catharsis, and this song certainly does that for me (and for many others, I’m sure). Thus, I can safely say that “Nara” is epic. In every sense of the word.

Take a listen: